ARCTIC Alpine 12

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Aktívní chladič procesoru Intel Socket 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156 s ventilátorem 92 mm, otáčkami 100-2 000 RPM (řízenými RPWM), 0 db fan módem

Improved Cooling Performance by New Production Process - The high thermal conductivity of aluminum is fully retained by a new type of extrusion. This new production process creates a powerful yet very compact radial heat sink. The particularly thin cooling fins of the new Alpine are fanned out in a Y-shape. This increases the surface area of the heat sink and therefore the cooling capacity.

0 dB Mode - The Alpine 12 is able to switch into silent passive mode when PWM signal is below 5 % due to its new motor. This allows working at your PC in complete silence without any unwanted noise.

Lower Power Consumption & Minimum Vibration - The new Alpine 12 is powered by an updated motor and runs much more efficiently than its predecessors. Due to sinus-magnetizing the new motor creates just 5 % of the vibrations from commutation of a regular DC-motor. These factors contribute towards saving energy, lowering the coil temperature and reducing vibrations to a minimum without compromising performance.

Extended Life Span - A 10 °C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the life span of a fan. The new ARCTIC motor has a four times longer service life through its low coil temperature.

High Quality Bearing - Thanks to an alloy/lubricant combination developed in Germany, friction within the bearing is reduced and greater efficiency is achieved. As a result, there is less heat development as well as less bearing noise, which means you can enjoy a longer service life from your fan.

Pre-applied MX-2 Thermal Paste - The pre-applied, high-performance MX-2 thermal compound ensures fast and clean installation.

Easy and Tool-free Installation - Thanks to the push pins, the installation is really easy. Additional tools are not needed to install the cooler.

Intel Socket
1151 1150 1155 1156 2066** 2011(-3) 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

AMD Socket
sTR4 AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
No No No No No No No

Recommended for TDP up to: 95 W

Heatsink: Radial Heatsink
Material: Aluminium

Diameter: 92 mm
Fan Speed: 100-2 000 RPM (Controlled by RPWM), 0 db fan mode below 5% PWM
Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Noise Level: 0.3 Sone
Current/Voltage: 0.06 A / 12 V

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Chladiče procesorov
Záruka: 24
Hmotnosť: 0.59 kg
Intel socket 1151: Ano
Intel socket 1200: Ano
Počet ventilátorů na chladiči: 1 ks
Max. otáčky ventilátoru (rpm): 2000
Intel socket 1150/1155/1156: Ano
Velikost ventilátoru (mm): 90 - 100 mm

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