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Podrobný popis

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void was released in 2015 and is the third, final part of the famous real time strategy, science-fiction series. All titles and expansions are available only for PC via webpage, the official Blizzard’s platform. StarCraft 2 players can engage in progaming – battling online against other gamers, taking part in game tournaments and as a result reaching higher position in the worldwide ranking.

What’s New? New Units and More…

Legacy of the Void expansion pack provides new units, campaigns and some changes to a multiplayer mode, comparing to the previous pack Heart of The Swarm.

The campaign in a single player mode has similar features like StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm expansion. It focuses on the Protoss race and its character Artanis, who is the hierarch of the Khalei Protoss and the Nerazim. The briefing room has interactive exploration option, like in previous games, and is located on a Protoss’ Arcship – the Spear of Adun. The player can access quests via Hyperions Star Map – the Celestial Array.

The Legacy of the Void multiplayer mode was a bit reshaped so that it encourages more lashing out aggressive actions and taking over the enemies’ territories. The aim was to make it more action-packed, especially in the beginning. The number of workers was increased whereas the resource quantity was decreased. When it comes to units, some of the well-known ones got a new set of skills:

  • Stalkers, apart from teleportation, can disappear,
  • Zealots can use some new powerful attack, apart from already known quick attacks on the enemy forces.

There is an option to freely change versions of units before each mission, which is a newly introduced feature. It is worth to mention though, that improvements to units are not available in multiplayer mode. It is not an issue though, as the player gest some completely new units in multiplayer mode. In the addition to the existent modes, there were added two new – the Allied Commanders, in which two players unite together to fight against the AI enemy and the Archon mode, where there is combat 2 versus 2 and co-operating players have a common camp, units and resources.

Plot of the Legacy of the Void SC2 game expansion

The plot is centered around Artanis of the Protoss race and it concludes the whole trilogy’s storyline. It all starts some time after the plot of Heart of the Swarm ended.Zeratul finds the final piece of Xel’Naga prophecy by discovering the location of resurrection of Amon. The main goal of the protagonist Artanis is to get together the Protoss people and fight united against Amon, a Xel’Naga that has fallen from grace and tries to change the universe as per his sick vision.

The Protoss are very advanced race with mysterious past. The leading campaign covers a lot of diplomacy, solving internal conflicts and looking for compromises between fighting castes. Uniting people against the common enemy won’t be an easy task. The other main goal of the plot is improving the army.

Key features:

  • An expansion pack to StarCraft 2
  • Real time strategy game 
  • Science-fiction game
  • Multiplayer and single player modes
  • New units and campaigns
  • The storyline focused around the Protoss hierach Artanis
  • United the Protoss to face the common enemy
  • Use diplomacy, arrange comprises between conflicted castes
  • Improve the army
  • Two new modes: the Allied Commanders and the Archon mode

Release Date: 2015-11-10

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Vydavateľ: Blizzard Entertainment
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Procesor (minimálny): 2.6 GHz
Grafika (minimálna): 512 MB VRAM
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Miesto na disku (minimálne): 20 GB
Systém (minimálny): Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

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