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Welcome to Beef City

Gang Beasts is a game in which surly, gelatinous characters are participating in very brutal yet funny brawls. The name of the city fits perfectly to the situation which you have to deal with. People of Beef City need only a little spark to start a fight. Up to eight people might participate in the battle in which everything is possible and rules do not exist. You have to keep that in mind if you want to survive in this merciless environment.

Environment is your enemy and ally at the same time


One of the most important aspects of the Gang Beasts gameplay is the environment itself. Due to the fact that people of Beef City like to start fights almost everywhere, in this game you're going to find perhaps the weirdest locations ever created to do that. After all, do you know any other game in which you battle on two trucks, speeding through the highway? Is there any other game in which you can fight with enemies on the big wheel or on the top of a windmill? You should use the environment for your own advantage. Throw enemies out from the arena. Show no mercy and destroy them in Beef City.

Customize your own character


In Beef City everyone is different and original. You can customize your character and turn him into the most glamorous fighter in the world of Beef City. A bit of advice for you, pal. Don't try to dress like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Otherwise, everyone is going to try to kick your ass. Jokes aside, choose from various hats, shirts and other pieces of clothing and create the most original character in the entire world.

The realistic physics


Gang Beasts gameplay utilizes a very complex and realistic model of physics. Everything can be pushed, destroyed, moved away etc. The same rules apply to the characters. Never before you were able to do a jump kick from across the building, kick your enemy in the face and then use his body to propel yourself up in order to grab a ledge. Utilize the physics of the game to your own advantage. Jump from the high ground on your enemy and crush both his hopes and body under your weight. The physics of the game is also the funniest element of the Gang Beasts gameplay.

You're going to laugh your head off each time something weird is going to happen during the battle. This is why Gang Beasts is going to take away hours of your life, during various meetings with your friends. It is a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends.

Key features

  • A silly multiplayer game with gelatinous characters and brutal, slapstick fighting.
  • The weirdest and funniest environment ever created. Fight on the speeding trucks or inside the Ferris wheel.
  • Customize your own character in any way you want. Turn him into a luchador, businessman or an old granny if you want.
  • Utilize the complex model of physics to your own advantage.
Gang Beasts (PC) for Steam platform is a digital download product – no box included. The price applies to a digital version of the product.
Release date: 2014-08-29

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Spanish - Spain

Portuguese - Brazil

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Hry
Digitální platforma: Steam
Typ distribúcie: elektronická
Vydavateľ: Double Fine Presents
Násilie: Hra obsahuje prvky násilia
Procesor (minimálny): Core 2 Duo
Grafika (minimálna): 512 MB Radeon X1950XT / 512MB nVidia 8800 GTS
Pamäť (minimálna): 3 GB
Miesto na disku (minimálne): 800 MB
Systém (minimálny): Windows Vista
Procesor (odporúčaný): Core i3
Grafika (odporúčané): 1 GB nVidia 9600GT / Radeon HD 3870 G4
Pamäť (odporúčané): 4 GB
Miesto na disku (odporúčané): 800 MB
Systém (odporúčané): Windows 7

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