ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CO Compact Multi-Compatible CPU

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ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CO je kompaktní chladič CPU s jedním ventilátorem 92 mm s dvojtými kuličkovými ložisky. Je kompatibilní s běžnými zásuvkami Intel® a AMD®. Díky dvojitému kuličkovému ložisku je optimalizován pro nepřetržitý provoz. Freezer 7 X CO těží z vylepšeného designu chladiče a přepracovaného rozložení tepelných trubek. Ve spojení s ventilátorem, který je optimalizován pro vysoký statický tlak, byl ARCTIC schopen výrazně zlepšit chladicí výkon Freezeru 7 X CO.

The ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CO is a compact CPU cooler with one 92mm fan. It is multi-compatible with common Intel® and AMD® sockets. Due its dual ball bearing it is optimised for Continuous Operation. The Freezer 7 X CO benefits from an improved heatsink design and a reworked heat pipe layout. In conjunction with the fan, which is optimized for high static pressure, ARCTIC was been able to significantly improve the Freezer 7 X CO's cooling performance.

Compatible with Intel & AMD Sockets
The Freezer 7 X Co is compatible with all current desktop sockets from Intel and AMD. By using the mounting frame, simple installation is possible without a need to remove the mainboard.

Pre-applied MX-2 Thermal Paste
Pre-applied, high-performing MX-2 thermal paste ensures quick and clean assembly.

Longer Lifespan Thanks to its Low Coil Temperature
The Freezer 7 X CO uses a fan motor newly developed by ARCTIC. This runs less audibly and more efficiently, so that the temperature of the coils is 20 ° C lower than with conventional motors. This increases the lifespan of the fans considerably, allowing ARCTIC to grant a 6-year warranty period for the Freezer 7 X CO.

Offset Heat Pipes Enable Optimal Heat Dissipation
The direct touch heat pipes attached to the Freezer 7 X CO and an optimised design of the 44 cooling fins together ensure that the heat from the CPU can be ideally removed and released into the air.

P-fan for Increased Performance - Double Ball Bearing

Inspired by the P-series, the Freezer 7 X CO's fan benefits from all of the advantages of P-fans:
• High static pressure for increased cooling performance
• Broad RPM range
• Lower power consumption
• Less vibration
• PWM for synchronous fan control
For additional information about the P-fans, we recommend our FAQ.
The premium quality dual ball bearing allows continuous operation 24/7 without the slightest compromise in performance. Dust and high temperature are affecting this bearing a lot less than generic sleeve or one ball bearings and thus make it the perfect choice when reliability is essential.

Direct Touch Heat Pipes
The Freezer 7 X CO uses direct touch heatpipes. This ensures that the heat to be dissipated is transferred directly to the heatpipes without an additional material layer, and transported into the heatsink via the pipes.

Intel Socket
1200 1151 1150 1155 1156 2066 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

AMD Socket
sTR4 AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes

Thermal Paste: MX-2 pre-applied
Ram Clearance: no limit

Fan: 92 mm, 300 - 2.000 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
Noise Level: 0.3 Sone
Current/Voltage: 0.07 A / 12 V DC
Connector: 4-pin Plug

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Kategória: Chladiče procesorov
Záruka: 24
Hmotnosť: 0.1 kg

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